About TriStar Research LLC

TriStar Research LLC is a diversified business intelligence and business management research firm focused on three areas: risk management, national security and independent investment research.


Risk Management:
– Building relationships with other independent research firms involved in forensic accounting, bailout asset valuation, and deception detection as applied to companies subject to Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.

– Focusing on emerging risks in financial sector consolidation (i.e. oligopolies) and identifying other sectors facing similar “mandated” consolidation such as the automotive and airline sectors.

National Security and Threat Assessment:
– Under an NDA, investigating military and civilian threats associated with biowarfare to assess business and funding opportunities for a biotechnology client.

– Evaluating economic risks facing our nation and allies based on experience working in the Treasury Office of Intelligence and Analysis and the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Independent Investment Research:
– Conducting business intelligence studies as an experienced industry sector and market analyst with a specific focus on the technology and biotech sectors, based on almost twenty years as a Chartered Financial Analyst.

– Engaging in forensic accounting investigations of publicly traded companies based on their filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulatory agencies.

– Evaluating the benefactors and impacted firms resulting from a wave of upcoming regulations and new restrictions on market activity.


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