Posted by: tristar3research | May 7, 2009

Carbon Nanotubes – “the Next Plastics”

CNT’s the next “Plastics” “Nature” report about CNT’s being great for ultrafast charging batteries, also

Mrs. Robinson: Have you heard about carbon nanotubes?

Mrs. Robinson: "Have you heard about carbon nanotubes?"

According to George Ure at Urban Survival: “You ought to be keeping an extremely sharp eye on Carbon Nanotubes (CNT’s) because it turns out that CNT’s may replace copper wire in some applications. Of course, if you’re into electronics, you caught the bit about transmitting  ‘both AM and FM radio signals” which is akin to saying a straw can carry water or milk, but they key thing is that CNT’s are the future. We’re right now in the dawning of a period called ‘the New Electrics”,  CNT’s are where to place your bets. IBM has been very active in the field: Nanotubes, depending on their structure, can be metals or semiconductors.  They are also extremely strong materials and have good thermal conductivity.  The above characteristics have generated strong interest in their possible use in nano-electronic and nano-mechanical devices.  For example, they can be used as nano-wires or as active components in electronic devices such as the field-effect transistor shown in this site.

Lodestone: Natures Magnet

Lodestone: Nature's Magnet

There’s a second reason to invest in outfits that show high promise in CNT’s.  It comes from recent work suggesting that CNT’s may actually be able to get at some of that rumored “free energy”.  I assume you caught that “Carbon nanotubes can cut down motor commutator energy loss by 90%” ? The engineering can be patented to get at these ‘idler wheels’.  The wheels themselves?  Sorry, already in the public domain and hanging around a magnet near you.  Lodestone the next uranium?  Who knows?


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