Posted by: tristar3research | April 23, 2009

Taliban Advance into Buner District, Prelude to Islamabad Takeover

Okay, so it’s underway as predicted. The collapse of Pakistan will seriously complicate the situation in Afghanistan where, get this, troops levels will rise by 15K over the next two years.  For you Vietnam War historians, the first ones in are mainly “advisors”.  God, there is going to be a lot of unnecessary bloodshed there over the next three years. Why have we coddled the poppy cultivating warlords there over the last decade???

Im in no hurry, send your troops!

I'm in no hurry, send your troops!

Taliban militants in Pakistan’s Swat Valley have moved into another district in a bid to broaden their control despite a deal designed to end extremist violence, officials said Wednesday.  Hundreds of armed Taliban from the scenic northwestern valley have entered Buner district, only 110 kilometres (68 miles) from the capital Islamabad. The militants have set up checkpoints, occupied mosques and ransacked the offices of non-governmental organisations, a local official said.

Not surprisingly, Bill Roggio called this on April 7 and nailed it. Odd, that SecState Clinton just realized the threat yesterday? This has not been a real secret- Last summer, the Taliban ramped up pressure in Buner after members of a tribe surrounded six Taliban fighters who had been involved in attacks on policemen and killed the Taliban fighters after they attempted to flee. Two weeks after the incident, the Taliban bombed four video centers at a bazaar and sent night letters to shop owners ordering them to shutter their businesses.

Of course, the Talis are being welcomed as liberating conquerers- NOT!

Of course, the Talis are being welcomed as liberating conquerors- NOT! In fact, there's panic!

A Taliban commander said they would set up strict Islamic sharia courts in Buner as they have already done in Swat but would not interfere with police work. Indications of a spread of Taliban activism has fuelled criticism of an accord agreed by Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari earlier this month to allow sharia courts in Swat, which the United States said amounted to capitulation.

From the “Nothing to See” Department (kinda busy lately):Talking to Geo News, leader of Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Mufti Bashir said they don’t want to create panic or fear among the locals by exhibiting weapons. They are in these areas for implementation of Shariat-e-Mohammadi and spread jihadi mission. Taliban are on Tableeghi mission and not interfering in administrative issues.


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