Posted by: tristar3research | April 23, 2009

Torture: Getting Headlines After Five Lost Years

Gee, this torture investigation gets uglier and uglier, odd that it this is the conduit for finally exposing the criminality of the Bush Adminstration (what Geneva Convention?) is a lot of other arenas. Torture encouraged months before the illegal memos this was all fastpiped.  In the most recent instance, Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair acknowledged in a memo to the intelligence community that Bush-era interrogation practices yielded had “high-value information,” then omitted that admission from a public version of his assessment.

This is not what our country is all about!
TORTURE- This is not what our country is all about!

It turns out that Condi Rice lied to the Senate Armed Services CommiteeRice approved the torture techniques used by the CIA as early as 2002 according to a memo released by Holder’s DOJ yesterday. last fall.  That shouldn’t surprise anyone after her classic “Smoking gun/mushroom cloud” whopper. Which basically makes Philip Zelikow’s last little whirl-wind tour of the progressive media tools, just the kind of lie I thought it was since he was saying that he wrote his supposed “memo of dissent on torture” in 2005 FOR Condi Rice (because of her opposition to torture (?)… the same torture we now know she approved 3 years earlier).  But after Zelikows performance on the lie-fest that is the 9/11 Commission Report, again, who the hell can be surprised?

Hardly a guy with 9-11 credibility. just a Condi friend and agenda driven apparatchik for the PTB over the last two decades.

U.S. torture dates to the Spanish Inquisition
U.S. torture dates to the Spanish Inquisition, Nazi Germany…

Zelikow’s memo, if it existed at all back then, was just to cover their (his and Rices) asses for the eventual day that would come when they would have to answer for their crimes.  That’s the same reason the other memos and legal briefs were created since we now know that the torture started months before they were even written.  Fact is, they tortured people in an effort to create justification for war with Iraq.

It wasn’t about saving the nation or protecting us from another 9/11 (ever wonder why they didn’t fear another 9/11?). It was about creating even more lies that the complicit media could use to convince the public we had to go to war with Iraq. In short, they tortured people … for profit.


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