Posted by: tristar3research | April 8, 2009

“2 Plus 2” Equals $10B – New Spy Satellites Ordered by USG

Exactly what are these new spy satellites being ordered by National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair being used for? I understand the importance of military satellites for use during conflicts but the military’s recommendation for this program was mysteriously rejected! “The uniformed military favored developing and launching a new class of satellites that would be able to observe targets with better resolution than their commercial counterparts, but would be faster and cheaper to produce than the spy satellites approved by the White House.” Here’s the rub: the Obama Administration is strengthening the Bush Administration warrentless wiretapping program!

Total Information Awareness

"Total Information Awareness"

These programs have a history of being overpriced, subject to continuing cost overruns, and completely devoid of transparency, even through Congressional oversight panels. The new program will take the place of one that had been awarded to The Boeing Co. The Pentagon canceled that project in 2005 because it was grossly over budget and behind schedule.

In fact, Lockheed-Martin is likely to be awarded this $10B award in a no bid contract. There is clear evidence that these are upgrades of the Echelon program. Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo., the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, has already complained about the price tag, which he put at more than $10 billion. The official said that figure is incorrect but would not offer an alternative. Of course, DNI Blair demanded “The Rolex” – Blair commissioned a group, led by Paul Kaminski, former undersecretary of Defense for acquisition and technology, to tell him whether the US faces a capabilities gap.

Kaminski is a big systems guy

Kaminski is a "big systems" guy

Kaminski and his panel, “basically said, we want everything, a robust constellation,” according to one source familiar with the discussions. DNI Blair refused to support the nomination of Chas Freeman as head of the National Intelligence Council last year. Moreover, U.S. intelligence agencies are capitalizing on North Korea’s ICBM launch last weekend to create a false sense of urgency for these mega data collectors, according to government and industry officials. “Same capability as those in use”.

These programs have a history of 50% cost overruns - $15B?+

These programs have a history of 50% cost overruns - $15B?+

An intelligence official, who spoke to reporters shortly after the White House approved the program, said the new spy satellites would offer the same capability of those now in use. Officials were concerned that significant changes in their design could break the budget for the program or delay the launch of the satellites, he said. The official, who spoke only on the condition that his name not be used, declined to reveal the budget for the program.


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