Posted by: tristar3research | March 14, 2009

What’s Next- According to Time Magazine

What’s Next- According to Time Magazine

The global economy is being remade before our eyes. Here’s what’s on the horizon. And there’s a lot of ’50s retro in this issue as Time begins to try and push Americans back to “core values”- an agenda here?

* Jobs Are the New Assets– The new cocktail party chatter!

* Recycling the Suburbs– 148K stores closed last year!

* The New Calvinism – Predestination: Sunshine Go Away Today

* Reinstating The Interstate- Broadband Now!

* Amortality– Fighting Father Time for Vanity’s Sake

* Africa: Open for Business– Ecobank and Microlending

* The Rent-a-Country– Grow Local, Buy Local

* Biobanks– biotech gets cool again as genomics advances

* Survival Stores– it’s becoming hip to save & multitask!

* Ecological Intelligence – Life Cycle Assessment or Grow Hemp


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