Posted by: tristar3research | March 3, 2009

Russia Rejects Quid Quo Pro on Missile Shield

So the U.S. offers to “back off” the Eastern European missile shield if Russia commits to keeping the Iranian nuclear program non-military.  Seems reasonable..

AP reports: President Barack Obama has written to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev suggesting U.S. plans for a missile defense system in Eastern Europe might be unnecessary if Moscow helped in blocking Iran’s progress toward building long-range missiles, senior administration officials said on Tuesday. Plans for deploying U.S. missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic, ostensibly to guard against Iranian attacks on U.S. allies in Europe, are among a host of issues that soured U.S.-Russia relations during the former Bush administration. There have been indications Obama, who has vowed to shake up American foreign policy, might be willing to set aside the missile defense system, echoes Novosti.

Of course, the Russians immediately rejected “linkage” of the two issues and said there’s no “quid pro quo“! Has anyone in the new administration really looked closely at how the military evaluates linkage? “Medvedev reaffirmed a strong opposition to the previous U.S. administration’s plan to deploy a battery of missile interceptors in Poland and a related radar in the Czech Republic, saying the move would hurt security in Europe.”

Medvedev said he had talked with Obama over the phone and exchanged letters with him, but added that there was “no talk about some kind of trade-off, or quid pro quo.” “No, issues haven’t been put that way, it would be unproductive,” he said at a news conference Tuesday, which followed talks in Madrid with Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

Is this Russia’s claim of “equitable retaliation“? Okay, Wiki explains, “the phrase qui pro quo, or quiproquo (from medieval Latin: literally qui instead of quo) is common in languages such as Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and French, where it means a misunderstanding.” Obama and Medvedev are expected to meet at the G-20 economic summit of advanced and developing nations in London next month, according to the officials. There’s going to be some long agenda at that April 2nd summit.


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